Happy 2012...a little late...

Hi guys....Once again I have fallen behind on the blog world. So, one resolution is to keep this thing more up to date. Here are a few Yummy creations from the last few months to get the ball rolling...


Does this Peak your Pinterest???

Hello Everybody. My name is Kelly and I am addicted to Pinterest. What??!!?? You haven't heard of this? Well..... http://www.pinterest.com/ is basically a virtual cyber bullentin board where people can create page upon page of amazing collages on just about anything! So, today, whilst deep in a maze of pinterest pages, I found something amazingly pinteresting:

DC Cake Artist by the name of Maggie Austin. http://www.maggieaustincake.com/ Do yourself a favor folks and visit her site! It's like going to a museum and viewing gorgeous works of art. Don't believe me? Check out a few of her cakes below!

need I say more?....didn't think so!


Slap my wrist, I've been bad!

Ok folks, sooooo sorry for the delay and utter disregard of the blog for weeks upon weeks. Looking back at old posts, I once actually WROTE words instead of just posting pics, which I thought was rather entertaining...I don't know about you. So, please accept my utter apologies. I now pledge (two fingers in the air salute ala girlscouts), from here on out, to provide you, the blog reader with the most fabulous, funny, entertaining, and sometimes even tearjerking posts....posts that are so amazing, they will literally make you do splits and high kicks around the room!!!! So, here it goes:

For those of you who didn't know, my little brother Mattycakes just got married to Beth, who is totally awesome. Good job matt! Anywho, Matt attended Appalachian STate University in the heart of the NC mountains, Boone NC. (thriving metropolis of peace pipe lovin' hippies and avid snowboarders) The mascot of said school is YOSEF, a really old mountainy hillbilly gold-digger type guy.....

He looks like this....

Voila~ Matt and Beth's Grooms CAKE!!!

Next, you find me (on the right) and my sister Heather (on the, just shout it out when you know the answer....good job!!! left) at the reception hall on the big day. And now.......

The Happy Couple!!!! Introducing for the first time on my blog ~ Mr and Mrs. Matthew Green~ ((jock jams playing loud....everyone clapping))

whoop whoop.....hooray!!!!!....congratulations!!!!.....don't they look cute!

Everyone was excited to partake of this delectable dessert buffet!!! Yummmy!!!! We offered cupcakes, whoopie pies, chocolate covered oreos, candy, cakeballs, and the cutting cake!

They didn't get too messy......

Let's cut the cake!!!! Strawberry, Beth's favorito!

Even Baby Makayla loved the cakeball favors! They were a huge hit!....... Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into the wedding! Hopefully some more pics will surface later! Tata for now!



Easter Basket o' balls!!

* Thanks Megan Vannoy for the beautiful images, and thanks to Rebecca Wimer for the fabulous display!!!


Happy Spring Everyone!

Hey Everybody, We hope you are enjoying the sunshine and warmth as much as we are! We just wanted to say a quick thank you for all your interest in us this Spring...As a result, we are all booked up until May. Yummy G has been extremely busy with baby showers, weddings and tons of other celebrations! We will be doing a dessert buffet for our very own sibling, Matt, who is getting married at the end of this Month. Kelly is one of the bridesmaids as well, and Katie is the photographer of the special day, so needless to say, we have been extremely busy getting ready for the festivities. We hope you bear with us and be patient, as we try to take as many orders as we can, without compromising our work. Each and every order is very important to us, and we try to do the best we can, that is why we limit our work load each week. Thanks again, Team Yummy


So....I have been listening to rumors lately (and I don't mean the Fleetwood Mac album) about a so-called "cakepop" being debuted at a national chain coffee shop that shall remain nameless but I think you all know who I mean (think green mermaid), and all I can say is in the timeless words of Pat Benatar - "hit me with your best shot"!!!!! You can try to imitate us, but you will never intimidate us, and certainly not overtake us! Look folks, I am not saying that you cant buy your 5 dollar latte and have your cake too, but just remember YGBS. And if you reeeeaaallly like what they've got......you're going to LOOOOOOOVE what We have to offer! ANd ours come in unlimitless flavors and personal decorations are allowed! We love the cakeball and we knew it was only a matter of time before the world found out, so it's about time! Just remember who to get em from! Ps- we ship them now!


Showin' some photo love!

A few months ago our cakeballs were a feature favor at the Cornwell-Gridley Wedding. We heard they were a big hit and here are some great images courtesy of: Renee Sprink Photography. Renee is a portrait and wedding photographer based out of Raleigh, NC. You can find out more about Renee and her fantastic photography at www.reneesprinkphotography.com! Check it out folks!


All you need is love....and cakeballs

Here's a great way to display your cakeballs!!! Buy a cute tin from your local craft store, put some styrofoam in the bottom, stick in your cakeballs and other flair items, and !VOILA! ~ a cute centerpiece fit for any occassion!


Sorry folks, but the North Pole is closed!

Ho, ho ho everyone! We hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving! We know we did! We just wanted to let you know that we are so happy you have chosen us to help you celebrate the Holidays! Unfortunately, at this time, we will not be accepting anymore orders until after the New Year. We are amazed at all the orders that have flooded us this year and want to make sure we do our very best on those. If you wish to buy from us, there are just a few places between now and Christmas that we will be selling to the public. Those are:

First Friday Indie Market - 5-9pm Dec 3rd
Muirs Chapel Holiday Sale - Muirs chapel Church, 11-3 Saturday Dec 4th
Holiday Arts and Crafts Market - Dowtown Greensboro Curb Farmers Market - Sunday Dec 12th 11-5


Enjoy the Chase!

Hey Folks! Here at Yummy Goodness we love all things "Crafty"! As the holidays approach and the days zoom by at warp speed, we find less and less time to get things done and find that perfect gift! Well, check this out! My sister stumbled across a woman - owned company by the name of Sarah Catherine Designs , while attenting a wine festival at the Sandy Ridge road Farmers Market in Greensboro. Sarah Catherine had a booth there with the cutest trinkets including her pet inspired line - Enjoy the Chase - of jewelry and wine bottle stoppers. She also creates custom cake toppers made of baked clay! We took the liberty of photographing one of these said items that we purchased as a gift to Katie Lou Cupcake for her birthday. Sarah- we hope you dont mind! Anyway, take a moment to look up Sarah's website ( or just click on this post's title) and check out her cool stuff!

Check out this handmade clay cake topper Sarah made!


Holiday arts and crafts Market

This past weekend we had our fair share of fun at the Holiday Arts and Crafts Market. In case you missed it... this is what you missed!!! Like what you see??? Well then come to the next Holiday Market on Sunday December 12th! See you there!