Slap my wrist, I've been bad!

Ok folks, sooooo sorry for the delay and utter disregard of the blog for weeks upon weeks. Looking back at old posts, I once actually WROTE words instead of just posting pics, which I thought was rather entertaining...I don't know about you. So, please accept my utter apologies. I now pledge (two fingers in the air salute ala girlscouts), from here on out, to provide you, the blog reader with the most fabulous, funny, entertaining, and sometimes even tearjerking posts....posts that are so amazing, they will literally make you do splits and high kicks around the room!!!! So, here it goes:

For those of you who didn't know, my little brother Mattycakes just got married to Beth, who is totally awesome. Good job matt! Anywho, Matt attended Appalachian STate University in the heart of the NC mountains, Boone NC. (thriving metropolis of peace pipe lovin' hippies and avid snowboarders) The mascot of said school is YOSEF, a really old mountainy hillbilly gold-digger type guy.....

He looks like this....

Voila~ Matt and Beth's Grooms CAKE!!!

Next, you find me (on the right) and my sister Heather (on the, just shout it out when you know the answer....good job!!! left) at the reception hall on the big day. And now.......

The Happy Couple!!!! Introducing for the first time on my blog ~ Mr and Mrs. Matthew Green~ ((jock jams playing loud....everyone clapping))

whoop whoop.....hooray!!!!!....congratulations!!!!.....don't they look cute!

Everyone was excited to partake of this delectable dessert buffet!!! Yummmy!!!! We offered cupcakes, whoopie pies, chocolate covered oreos, candy, cakeballs, and the cutting cake!

They didn't get too messy......

Let's cut the cake!!!! Strawberry, Beth's favorito!

Even Baby Makayla loved the cakeball favors! They were a huge hit!....... Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into the wedding! Hopefully some more pics will surface later! Tata for now!